‘The healing of well-being’, trailer for the new film by Gore Verbinski terror

More than three years have already passed since the undeserved failure of ‘The Lone Ranger’ (‘The Lone Ranger’), a tape that seemed doomed by their production problems and then ended up being great entertainment. Gore Verbinski, the director, It has not released anything since, but that will change thanks to ‘The cure for welfare’ (‘A Cure for Wellness’), his new horror movie of which we can already take a look at your disturbing trailer.

My great fear with many advances in American titles is that they end up telling me too about them, but I already advance that it is not the case of ‘The cure for welfare’. Here finds more transmit bad scene rather than tell us nothing about its plot and the result is very encouraging. I not excited much ‘ The Ring’, Verbinski earlier work in the horror genre, but this look very good.

  • Trailer in original version with subtitles
  • Trailer in Spanish

Verbinski has counted for the occasion with a screenplay by Justin Haythe, with whom he had already collaborated on ‘The Lone Ranger’ and at the time also dealt with ‘ Revolutionary Road’. Dane DeHaan, Mia Goth and Jason Isaacs head the cast of a film that will reach the Spanish cinemas on March 24, while in the United States they will enjoy it before, in particular from February 17.

Then I also leave a first poster of ‘The cure for welfare’ and also the official synopsis that has distributed Fox. Me with the trailer I had already bought and if you passed it almost would recommend you dispense with reading to reach the room knowing as little as possible about it.

A young and ambitious Executive charge you a mission: bring back the Director of your company at an idyllic and enigmatic “Wellness Centre” located in a remote area of the Swiss Alps. Soon suspect that the miraculous treatments there taking place are not what they seem. His sanity is put to test when it starts to unlock the terrifying secrets that there are hidden and is diagnosed with the same rare disease that keeps patients waiting for cure.

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‘Silence’, new image of the highly anticipated film from Scorsese

A part of the public thrilled today with the superheroes of Marvel while another responds with indifference or boredom. I do not think that there is division about ‘Silence’ (‘Silence’), the long awaited return of Martin Scorsese. The film has no trailer yet so we must settle for the few official images available, and which have high (low quality), the first that includes Adam Driver.

We had seen a photograph of Andrew Garfield and one of Liam Neeson, the other stars of the cast. After handling the economic crisis in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ (2013), the filmmaker returns to tell us about religious faith, a subject already covered in ‘Kundun’ (1997). I hope that ‘Silence’ leave you better, remember that it is based on a novel by Shüsaku Endō, who already was adapted to the big screen by Masahiro Shinoda in 1971.

Liam Neeson en Silence

History leads to 17TH-century Japan, and focuses on a couple of Jesuit priests who must deal with the violence and persecution when they arrive in the country in search of her mentor, on a mission to spread Christianity. ‘Silence’ premieres on December 23 in the United States and January 5 in Spain. A true gift of Kings.

Producer Irwin Winkler says that ‘Silence’ is the best film in “Marty” and says that the Assembly extends up to the 2 hours and 39 minutes (20 minutes less than ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’). Meanwhile, Dante Ferretti production designer confirms that Scorsese plans to shoot ‘ The Irishman’ in the first months of 2017, in February or March, intending to release it by the end of 2018.

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‘ Assassin’s Creed’, intense trailer end of the adaptation of the video game with Fassbender

20th Century Fox us remembers that only are a couple of months to discover a new and ambitious adaptation to the great screen of a franchise of videogames. Here we have the intense trailer end of ‘ Assassin’s Creed’, a film of action, adventure and fantasy, produced and starred by Michael Fassbender.

The star returns to rediscover is with Marion Cotillard and the director Justin Kurzel after work in the last version of ‘ Macbeth’ (2015). Gives the feeling of that the filmmaker has orchestrated an entertainment spectacular (returns to count for the photography with Adam Arkapaw), already will see if has more luck that Duncan Jones with his underappreciated ‘ Warcraft’. Of course at the box office it will be complicated; opens December21, just days after it reaches theaters the HIGHLY anticipated ‘ Rogue One: A history of Star Wars’. Strange decision.

  • Video in Spanish:
  • Video in version original with subtitles:

Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, Michael k. Williams, Ariane Labed, Carlos Bardem and Javier Gutierrez, among others, complete the cast. It should be noted that Kurzel wanted to bring authenticity to the part of the story that takes place in the past, in the 15TH century Spain, and those scenes are spoken in Spanish. Hope that it played you out well, if Fassbender starts to talk with acentazo of tourist can be a little ridiculous…

Bill Collage (‘ Exodus’), Adam Cooper (‘ Transporter Legacy’) and Michael Lesslie (‘Macbeth ‘) sign the script, surely the appearance more weak of the film. Below you can see a new poster and read the synopsis official distributed by Fox:

Nuevo póster

Thanks to a revolutionary technology that unlocks genetic memories, Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) live the adventures of his ancestor, Aguilar, in 15TH century Spain. Callum see that is the descendant of a mysterious society secret, them Assassins, and that has incredible knowledge and skills that you will allow face is to the powerful and oppressive organization of the Templars in the present…

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‘Mute’, ‘Moon’ sequel already is wheel with Justin Theroux as one of his villains

Duncan Jones we were surprised just a few months to confirm that ‘Mute’, a sci-fi film that took many years trying to get forward, was a spiritual sequel to ‘Moon’ and also the second installment of a trilogy whose third party has already written. He time has last and the news now is that his filming has begun and that is has signed to Justin Theroux to give life to one of them villains of the function.

Theroux is une of this form to a cast in which makes time that was confirmed the presence of Paul Rudd and Alexander Skarsgård to lead the history of a waiter mute in a Berlin futuristic that has of do all it possible for find to the love of his life, that has disappeared. That takes you to the lower depths of the city, where you will find several times with two American surgeons who seem to be the only track to give them.

Mute Duncan Jones Concept Art

Skarsgard will give life to Leo, the waiter mute, while Rudd and Theroux is put in the skin of the two surgeons. Perhaps not be very intelligent have revealed that are villains if want to play with that mystery, but good, also can be a form of fool to those spectators that want know it practically all of a film before see it. Then you complain of that already nothing les surprises, that itself.

I imagine that we will soon have more news about the cast – who will be living this mysterious woman seeking Skarsgard and who is linked with those dangerous surgeons?-, but for now will have to settle for knowing that Netflix will premiere ‘Mute’ in 2017. A great addition to your ever-expanding catalogue of exclusive movies, especially if the director of ‘ Warcraft: origin ‘ get something of a level similar to their debut.

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‘Operator’, a peculiar variant of ‘Her’ trailer

‘Her’ (Spike Jonze, 2013) if it was a female voice coming from an artificial intelligence which was the protagonist in ‘Operator’, the debut feature film from the American Logan Kibens, becomes something similar only to the owner of the voice is real and who hesitates between the attraction of the real woman and her voice is her own husband. This is the proposal of this film that had its premiere in the past SXSW Austin and which we can already see its trailer.

Starring by Mae Whitman and Martin Starr, the film has the history of an anxious programmer that seeks it helps of its friendly and empathic wife when you charge find the voice perfect for a new program of calls automatic. However, their relationship is fro when it begins to be more interested in its computerized replica than by his wife in flesh and blood

With release scheduled for November 8 – in the USA and probably to Spain given its indie nature not never – come, operator ‘ has been said carrying out a reflection of very interesting about today’s relationships and combining, so strange but functional similarities between the tape of Jonze and certain air ‘ Ruby Sparks’ (2012).

With ‘ Operator’, the actress Mae Whitman -view in the series ‘ Arrested Development’ and ‘ Parenthood’, though also in films of cult as ‘ Scott Pilgrim against the world ‘ (‘Scott Pilgrim vs.) The World’, 2010) or ‘The advantages of being an outcast’ (‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’, 2011) – it seems that it starts to get serious and get away from the “geek” film. Time to time.

These are 85 films from “foreign” speaks competing for Oscar 2017

The Hollywood Film Academy has announced 85 titles coming in the race for the next Oscar for the best film from speaking no English. The filmmakers who aspire to the award include authors as renowned as Pedro Almodóvar, Paul Verhoeven, Pablo Larraín, Yoji Yamada, Asghar Farhadi, Brillante Mendoza, Xavier Dolan , or the recently deceased Andrzej Wajda.

It should be noted that this year an record number of films in competition, has been reached, surpassing the 83 2014. Them members of the Academy American proceed to trim the extensive list until get to only 5 finalists, that is announced along with the rest of them nominations the 24 of January. A month later, on February 26, will host the 89th Edition of the Oscars. You can then check the 85 films:

  1. Albania: ‘ Chromium’, Bujar Alimani (director)
  2. Algeria: ‘The Well’, Lotfi Bouchouchi (director)
  3. Argentina: ‘Illustrious citizen’, Mariano Cohn, Gastón Duprat (directors)
  4. Australia: ‘Tanna’, Bentley Dean, Martin Butler (directors)
  5. Austria: ‘ Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe’, Maria Schrader (Director)
  6. Bangladesh: ‘The Unnamed’, Tauquir Ahmed (director)
  7. Belgium: ‘ The Ardennes’, Robin Pront (director)
  8. Bolivia: ‘load sealed’, Julia Vargas Weise (Director)
  9. Bosnia and Herzegovina: ‘ Death in Sarajevo’, Danis Tanovic (director)
  10. Brazil: ‘Pequeno Segredo’, David Schurmann (director)
  11. Bulgaria: ‘Losers’, Ivaylo Hristov (director)
  12. Cambodia: ‘ Before the Fall’, Ian White (director)
  13. Canada: ‘ It’s Only the End of the World’, Xavier Dolan (director)
  14. Chile: ‘ Neruda’, Pablo Larraín (director)
  15. China: ‘Xuan Zang’, Huo Jianqi (director)
  16. Colombia: ‘ Alias Maria’, José Luis Rugeles (director)
  17. Costa Rica: ‘ then we ‘, Hernan Jiménez (director)
  18. Croatia: ‘ On the Other Side’, Zrinko Ogresta (director)
  19. Cuba: ‘The companion’, Pavel Giroud (director)
  20. Czech Republic: ‘ Lost in Munich’, Petr Zelenka (director)
  21. Denmark: ‘Land of Mine’, Martin Zandvliet (director)
  22. Dominican Republic: ‘Sugar flower’, Fernando Báez (director)
  23. Ecuador: ‘no dead no Carnival’, Sebastián Cordero (director)
  24. Egypt: ‘Clash’, Mohamed Diab (director)
  25. Estonia: ‘Mother’, Kadri Kousaar (Director)
  26. Finland: ‘ The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki’, Juho Kuosmanen (director)
  27. France: ‘Elle’, Paul Verhoeven (director)
  28. Georgia: ‘House of Others’, Rusudan Glurjidze (Director)
  29. Germany: ‘Toni Erdmann’, Maren Ade (Director)
  30. Greece: ‘Chevalier’, Athina Rachel Tsangari (Director)
  31. Hong Kong: ‘Port of Call’, Philip Yung (director)
  32. Hungary: ‘ Kills on Wheels’, Attila Till (director)
  33. Iceland: ‘Sparrows’, Rúnar Rúnarsson (director)
  34. India: ‘Interrogation’, Vetri Maaran (director)
  35. Indonesia: ‘ Letters from Prague’, Angga Dwimas Sasongko (director)
  36. Iran: ‘The Salesman’, Asghar Farhadi (director)
  37. Iraq: ‘The classic’, Halkawt Mustafa (director)
  38. Israel: ‘Sand Storm’, Elite Zexer (Director)
  39. Italy: ‘Sea fire’, Gianfranco Rosi (director)
  40. Japan: ‘ Nagasaki: Memories of My Son’, Yoji Yamada (director)
  41. Jordan: ‘3000 Nights’, Mai Masri (Director)
  42. Kazakhstan: ‘Amanat’, Satybaldy Narymbetov (director)
  43. Kosovo: ‘Home Sweet Home’, Faton Bajraktari (director)
  44. Kyrgyzstan: ‘A Father completo Will’, Bakyt Mukul, Dastan Zhapar Uulu (directors)
  45. Latvia: ‘Dawn’, Laila Pakalnina (Director)
  46. Lebanon: ‘Very Big Shot’, Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya (director)
  47. Lithuania: ‘Seneca completo Day’, Kristijonas Vildziunas (director)
  48. Luxembourg: ‘ Voices from Chernobyl’, Pol Cruchten (director)
  49. Macedonia: ‘The Liberation of Skopje’, Rade Šerbedžija, Danilo Šerbedžija (directors)
  50. Malaysia: ‘Beautiful Pain’, Tunku Mona Riza (Director)
  51. Mexico: ‘Desert’, Jonas Cuarón (director)
  52. Montenegro: ‘The Black Pin’, Ivan Marinović (director)
  53. Morocco: ‘ A Mile in My Shoes’, Said Khallaf (director)
  54. Nepal: ‘The Black Polla’, Min Bahadur Bham (director)
  55. Netherlands: ‘Tonio’, Paula van der Oest (Director)
  56. New Zealand: ‘A Flickering Truth’, Pietra Brettkelly (Director)
  57. Norway: ‘The King completo Choice’, Erik Poppe (director)
  58. Pakistan: ‘Mah-e-Mir’, Anjum Shahzad (director)
  59. Palestine: ‘The Idol’, Hany Abu-Assad (director)
  60. Panama: ‘Salsipuedes’, Ricardo Aguilar Navarro, Manolito Rodriguez (directors)
  61. Peru: ‘ Videofilia: and other viral syndromes ‘, Juan Daniel F. Molero (director)
  62. Philippines: ‘ Ma’rosa’, Brillante Mendoza (director)
  63. Poland: ‘Afterimage’, Andrzej Wajda (director)
  64. Portugal: ‘ Letters from War’, Ivo M. Ferreira (director)
  65. Romania: ‘Sieranevada’, Cristi Puiu (director)
  66. Russia: ‘Paradise’, Andrei Konchalovsky (director)
  67. Saudi Arabia: ‘Barakah Meets Barakah’, Mahmoud Sabbagh (director)
  68. Serbia: ‘Train Driver completo Diary’, Milos Radovic (director)
  69. Singapore: ‘Apprentice’, Boo Junfeng (director)
  70. Slovakia: ‘Eva Nova’, Marko Skop (director)
  71. Slovenia: ‘ Houston, We Have a Problem!’, Žiga Virc (director)
  72. South Africa: ‘Call Me Thief’, Daryne Joshua (director)
  73. South Korea: ‘The Age of Shadows’, Kim Jee-woon (director)
  74. Spain: ‘Juliet’, Pedro Almodóvar (director)
  75. Sweden: ‘ A Man Called Ove’, Hannes Holm (director)
  76. Switzerland: ‘ My Life as a Zucchini’, Claude bars (director)
  77. Taiwan: ‘ Hang in There, Kids!’, Laha Mebow (Director)
  78. Thailand: ‘Karma’, Kanittha Kwunyoo (Director)
  79. Turkey: ‘Cold of Kalandar’, Mustafa Kara (director)
  80. Ukraine: ‘Ukrainian Sheriffs’, Roman Bondarchuk (director)
  81. United Kingdom: ‘ Under the Shadow’, Babak Anvari (director)
  82. Uruguay: ‘bread crumbs’, Manane Rodríguez (Director)
  83. Venezuela, ‘From Afar’, Lorenzo beams (director)
  84. Viet Nam: ‘ Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass’, Victor Vu (director)
  85. Yemen: ‘ ten years and divorced ‘, Khadija to the-Salami (Director)

It is early to say Favorites, most of these films have not enjoyed the distribution they deserve (I imagine that will happen from now on), but did you see already some so good that you think that it deserves to be one of the 5 nominees? Personally, from the few I’ve seen, I’ll take the Icelandic ‘Sparrows’, a story of very special maturity, raw and beautiful.

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Clint Eastwood tells the kidnapping and release of Jessica Buchanan

Clint Eastwood does not stop. Recent blockbuster ‘Sully’ (id., 2016) – in November at our cinemas – the winner of four Oscars already has new project. He is the adaptation of the best seller of the New Yor Times ‘ Impossible Odds: The Kidnapping of Jessica Buchanan and Her Dramatic Rescue by SEAL Team Six’, written by Jessica Buchanan, Erik Landemalm and Anthony Flacco.

The book chronicles the real-life case of Jessica Buchanan, who was in Nairobi in the teaching of children, and after five years of residence there, was kidnapped along with a colleague by a group of Somali pirates. They were retained for three months, in appalling conditions, until President Barack Obama ordered a rescue mission to the SEAL.


Is the fifth consecutive time that Eastwood gets behind the camera to direct a film based on the life of some admired Americans. J. Edgar, the Jersey Boys, Chris Kyle, Sully Sullenberguer, and now Jessica Buchanan. With the good director of actors which is Eastwood, we look forward to an excellent actress, although there is still no assigned actress. Place your bets.

The film will be produced by Warner Bros. -some day us have that explain how a legend of the cinema still continues doing deals with a producer and distributor that is of worth to the public, and also to he-. The script will be written by Brian Helgeland, winner of an Oscar by write the best film of Curtis Hanson. It will be the third time that you work with Eastwood, after ‘Blood debt’ (‘Blood Work’, 2002) and ‘ Mystic River’ (id., 2003).

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‘Salt and Fire’, the unclassifiable Werner Herzog’s new thriller trailer

Unclassifiable German director Werner Herzog will turn 75 in less than 11 months, which in other cases would make us think of a possible withdrawal. However, the head of ‘Aguirre, the wrath of God’ (‘Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes’, 1972) or ‘Rescue Dawn’ (‘Rescue Dawn’, 2006) is so active, or more than usual and now I bring you proof of this with the ‘ Salt and Fire’, his new movie trailer .

The own Herzog has adapted a story by Tom Bissell to tell us the story of two scientists sent to South America to investigate strange geological formations. Once there they are retained by the minions of an evil businessman who wants to take advantage of the finding. The story sounds a little ridiculous, truth, but hopefully something worthwhile comes out…

Michael Shannon, Gael García Bernal and Veronica Ferres lead the cast. It should be noted that ‘Salt and Fire’ is not the only approach to burst recently to this theme by Herzog, as soon it also premiere the documentary ‘ Into The Inferno’, focused on volcanoes still active in our planet. Returning to the tape that concerns us, in France you can see it from December 7, while it still lacks of premiere in Spain.